Frequently Asked Questions

Every day we are blessed to connect with like-minded people and health seekers like you. Because we have such a unique line of formulas, we get a lot of questions. Here are some of the most important “need-to-know” answers to your most burning questions.

A great place to start is our Starter Kit. It’s on our website and it comes with a lot of products and complete instructions on how to start using it. It’s a substantial discount when bundled together in this kit. You save a lot of money and it’s not overwhelming. If you just want to start with one or two things, then I would suggest the MunityBoost followed by the LDM-100. There is a reason these are our most popular products.

It depends on what you’re taking it for, and how long it takes your body to respond. Remember that everyone is a little bit different and we need to use patience and consistency. It also depends on the product and what issue you are dealing with. For example, if you are working on supporting your body through EBV then you will need anywhere from 6-18 months every day.

Unless otherwise suggested by your practitioner, follow the directions on the bottle. If you are sensitive, then cut the dose in half or in thirds. With the liquid tinctures you can even start as low as one drop a day. Read and learn as much as you can and then follow your common sense and intuition.

We’ve been making LDM-100 since 1975 and from the feedback from thousands of practitioners, I’ve come to believe that no, Lomatium (LDM-100) does not destroy any beneficial bacteria. If you’ve been on prescription antibiotics or you are a modern, stressed human being – it is a good idea to supplement with a high quality probiotic on a daily basis.

Yes. We don’t have any formulas that contradict with any other formula. We always suggest adding our tinctures to a little water to make them palatable so just increase the amount of water and make a little cocktail of your daily tinctures. You can also dissipate the alcohol out of our tinctures. See number 9.

There are some herbs that are considered safe and effective to use on a long-term daily basis – for example: Ginkgo biloba, Milk Thistle, Astragalus and Reishi to name a few. Herbs like Echinacea should be rotated with other herbs or simply taken a break from because you can build an immunity to it. Many times, our formulas and protocols are used for chronic issues and yes, we suggest using them for the length of time that it takes for your body to eradicate the issue. It could be 30 days, or it could be 30 months. Every person and what they are dealing with is unique and different. If you can work with a Naturopath, Chiropractor or any Functional Medicine doctor – that is your ideal situation especially if you have an issue that is a little more complicated.

Please check with your health care practitioner if you have any reservations or questions. It’s always smart to take your natural supplements separate from your prescription medications. You want them to have a chance to go into your body and absorb away from each other. This is pure common sense.

We put a 10-year shelf life on all our liquid tinctures. Our capsule products have a 3 year “best by” date and our salves have a 2 year “best by” date. And no, you don’t need to keep any of our products in the refrigerator (although you can if you like)

The easiest way to do this is to boil some water. Pour some into a cup. Put the drops into the hot water and let it come down to room temperature. All the alcohol should be completely gone. Here’s a tip from Brian. He likes to brew up a cup of herbal tea before he goes to bed. He puts all the tinctures he wants to take in the morning in the cup of very hot tea and lets it set on the counter overnight. In the morning when he drinks it all of the alcohol is gone, and all of the herbs are in the tea. You can do this with just water if you prefer. Super easy and very effective.

We have 4 products that are good for your pets.  
Reduced Alcohol LDM-100, Reduced Alcohol Clarkia-100, Reduced Alcohol Essiac-20 and our Luci’s Salve.  Your cats and dogs cannot handle the alcohol that is in herbal tinctures and there are some herbs that are toxic to animals. There is detailed information in this catalog.  See pages 21 and 58.  We love our pets as much as you do!

Organically grown is a very important source of good high-quality plants and herbs. They are basically pampered plants. They get just the right amount of water and nutrients to help them grow plump and juicy. Wild crafted plants grow in their native environment and sometimes they must struggle while they are growing. They are dependent on Mother Nature and how much rain and sunshine they get and the nutrient density of the soil they are growing in. Both organic and wild-crafted are wonderful sources for herbs and plant medicine.

LDM-100 is 100% wild-crafted Lomatium and because we can’t control how Mother Nature grows it – it will be darker or lighter depending on the water it gets and the soil it’s grown in. Every batch is tested when it first goes into the manufacturer and then again when each batch is made. All the test markers come back strong and pure. It is very normal for the lighter golden color of Lomatium to taste a little (or a lot!) different from the darker amber color. It is not an indicator of strength because it’s dark or light. So, if your LDM-100 varies from bottle to bottle just know that it’s all the good stuff and we personally guarantee every bottle we make. This also goes for other herbal tinctures. Especially ones that are wild-crafted. As modern humans we get used to everything being the same color, same texture, same smell etc. Modern manufacturing of our food and other products can add chemicals, preservatives, colorings and etc to make sure you feel safe and secure in the consistency of the products you purchase. Fall in love with some of the beautiful inconsistencies of Mother Nature.

We suggest taking most of our tinctures and capsules prior to meals. Some products like our HeartLove do better with food. If you forget or just don’t have time to think about taking them without food, then taking them on a regular, consistent basis is better than not taking them at all. Remember that with liquid tinctures you only need 15-20 minutes before a meal because they go right to the bloodstream and absorb very quickly.

Yes, all of our products are gluten free and all of our tinctures and capsules are made without any animal products or animal testing. All of our skin salves have Beeswax except our Golden Salve Vegan which is made with Candelilla wax.

Yes, we personally recycle EVERYTHING!! And most of our products come in glass bottles and jars so that they can be recycled. We’ve had some people ask if they could send all their empty bottles and jars to us to recycle. Please find a resource in your town and recycle! Thank you XO

The bottom line is that you know your own body. And you know your own mind. If you do not think you would handle the Lomatium rash very well (on a physical and psychological level) then you simply might not be a good candidate for it.

We are not doctors and this is not meant to be medical advice. This is what we would do for ourselves and our family members.

For 30 days – take 25-30 drops 3 times a day prior to meals if you can. This is approx 1/2 dropper full from a 2oz. For the next 5-6 months same dose but twice a day. For the next 12 months or so – once a day. You can increase the dose during cold and flu season if you are exposed to someone who is sick. Breakouts might occur during this protocol. This is normal for some people. Stay patient and consistent. This same protocol can be used for any chronic, systemic viral loads like EBV, Shingles, HPV etc.

LDM-100, Clarkia-100, Cayenne Pepper (tincture) and Golden Salve Original. All of our tinctures have a 10 year shelf life. They will actually last indefinitely if they are stored in an airtight bottle. There will eventually be some evaporation through the rubber stopper in a bottle with a dropper. Together these products handle: virus, fungus, yeast and bacterial infections (LDM-100) Parasites (Clarkia-100) Heart health/Stroke (Cayenne Pepper) and skin wounds (Golden Salve Original in petroleum jelly)

If you have a question you’d like answered and you don’t see it here please email Jane directly at – [email protected]

Thank you and here’s to your vibrant, herbal health! XO

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