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What Is Lomatium Dissectum?

Few herbs have the reputation of being as medicinally valuable as Lomatium dissectum. Like many promising herbal remedies, Lomatium was hidden in plain sight for centuries until it became widely used by practitioners of natural medicine around the world. And its wide adoption has happened in a relatively short time.

A flowering plant native to western North America, it took a worldwide pandemic before it gained the attention of a modern trained physician – Dr. E.T. Krebs Sr. The U.S. government contracted Dr. Krebs to provide medical treatment to the Washoe indigenous people near Carson City, Nevada, during the flu pandemic of 1917-18. While millions of people worldwide were dying, and every community experienced loss, the Washoe went about their daily lives utterly unscathed, as if immune to the virus. Perplexed by this, his scientific curiosity aroused, Dr. Krebs set out to discover why this indigenous population was so healthy as everyone else around him was ‘dying like flies.’

It wasn’t long before he noticed the Washoe were harvesting large quantities of a particular plant only known as a survival food too early American settlers in the area: the dried stalks of Lomatium dissectum. When asking about the bundles of the herb curing in the traditional huts of the Washoe, he was told they called it “the Dortza,” which translates to “heap powerful medicine,” and is well-known to them as a cure for respiratory illnesses like the common cold and influenza. Taking a quantity of lomatium back with him to treat his white patients, he reported it had near-miraculous results. Dr. Krebs Sr. said his non-indigenous patients “just stopped dying.”

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How Lomatium Is Prepared And Used

The Washoe demonstrated to Dr. Kebs their preparation of Lomatium: the roots were collected in September and October when its concentration of aromatic oils was at its strongest. The roots were then sliced longitudinally, allowing the oils to oxidize in the open air and turn to resin. They were then hung to cure in their huts.
A Lomatium tincture, or liquid Lomatium, is typically taken from the oils. Over the years, people who swear by its effectiveness claim that Lomatium tincture has everything from antiviral/antibiotic ingredients to powerful anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties. The Indigenous Plains People of western North America report using it as a cure-all for many ailments besides respiratory illnesses. Since Dr. Kebs Sr. introduced it to Americans in 1917-18, people around the world have come to use it prominently to treat:

Barlow Herbal’s Close Connection To The History Of Modern Lomatium Use

One great reason to choose Barlow Herbal for your liquid Lomatium or Lomatium supplements is our lineage is directly descended from the original methods of harvesting, curing, and preparing Lomatium for medicinal use. Dr. Kebs Sr. taught the same techniques learned from the Washoe to his son, Dr. Kebs Jr., who taught it to a friend and colleague of his: Dr. Max G. Barlow. Since his passing, Barlow Herbal was passed to his daughter, Jane Barlow, who follows the exact, stringent methods learned from the company’s founder.

LDM-100 From Barlow Herbal

The best and most convenient source of Lomatium dissectum today is Barlow Herbal LDM-100. LDM-100 is an alcohol-based Lomatium tincture sourced directly from one of nature’s most potent super herbs and extracted the same way Dr. Barlow did decades ago. You can find LDM-100 and other Lomatium products from the Barlow Herbal online store.

As with any plant-based substance, some people may experience a rash and swelling from using LDM-100. It is unlikely that the symptoms will cause anything more than mild discomfort, but we recommend gradually increasing your dosage to acclimate your body to this potent herbal extract. 3 to 10 drops, 3 to 5 times daily, or more for adults, 3 to 4 drops, 4 to 6 times daily for children, and 1 to 2 drops for babies added to water or juice is an excellent place to start.

Barlow Herbal wants to give people more control over their health by offering them more treatment options. Modern drugs are based on the natural world, and old herbal remedies still have medicinal value for those looking for traditional alternatives. Lomatium is a renowned ingredient that millions of people worldwide use to treat a range of ailments and has a rare reputation for being effective. Try nature’s super herb in a pure, potent form with LDM-100 from Barlow Herbal.

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