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Dr. Max Barlow started Barlow Herbal over forty years ago. What began as an exclusive brand providing herbal supplements to friends and family quickly became a well-known and respected company in the industry.

Our Mission Is To Provide Only The Best Natural Herbal Supplements

Dr. Barlow passed his knowledge down through the years. We utilize powerful extraction methods for different herbs, ensuring our supplements are among the most potent and safest in the world. Not many supplement companies have lasted as long as we have; our longevity comes from the value, efficacy and trust consumers put in our products.

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The highest quality herbs, flowers, and natural ingredients produce the most potent herbal supplements. We also create our supplements in an enriching and supportive environment. That positive energy and love are passed along to you.

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Our herbal products are all-natural and use all parts of the plant, deriving essential ingredients from the seeds, oils, roots, berries, leaves, flowers, and stems, depending on the need. We don’t use any synthetic elements or fillers.

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At Barlow Herbal, we provide clear, accurate information, proven results, and the education that supports our products. Our approach to teaching you how to use our products empowers you to feel confident in caring for your family’s everyday health challenges.

Products Categories

icon fungi CANDIDA
Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by a type of yeast known as Candida. It can affect the skin, nails, digestive system, and sexual organs of men and women. It can also affect the mouth, with symptoms of a white yeast-like substance on the tongue and back of the throat. Barlow Herbal carries herbal supplements that treat Candida yeast.

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icon medicinal CBD CBD
Barlow Herbal carries several CBD products, from supplements to bath bombs. Natural CBD from the hemp plant contains no psychoactive effects associated with cannabis.

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icon clockwise CIRCULATION
Poor circulation affects many people as they age, especially those who are overweight and don’t exercise regularly. There are several over-the-counter and prescription medications to treat the problem, but natural herbal remedies for circulation that are effective and with a lower risk of side effects can be purchased from Barlow Herbal.

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icon barbell COLLECTIONS
Optimal health is closer than you think with Barlow Herbal. Our collections are curated to draw on the benefits that supplements possess and combine them for the best results.

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icon intestines CONSTIPATION
Constipation affects everyone at some point in time, and its causes are generally diet, dehydration, or a change in routine. Barlow Herbal has the science and skill to ensure you get adequate amounts of herbs reputed to help treat constipation.

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icon bleeding finger DIABETES
Herbs may help with symptoms of diabetes. Treat yourself with them easily through herbal supplements that help with diabetes from Barlow Herbal. Our herbal supplements that treat underlying issues related to diabetes are made with potent extractions of the herbs that are most beneficial in helping to gain control of your health.

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icon intestines DIGESTIVE ISSUES
Digestive Issues
Problems with digestion are common, but they aren’t issues you must tolerate. Barlow Herbal has a variety of products that ease the symptoms of digestion problems and treat the source.

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icon lightning ENERGY
Skip the harshness of energy drinks, the burn-out, and the adverse side effects of caffeine, and experience the long-term energy that herbs provide. Barlow Herbal has many herbal tinctures and supplements that provide prolonged, safe energy.

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General Detoxification
Toxins are byproducts of natural processes in the body and unnatural pollutants from your environment. Herbal remedies are a natural way to eliminate toxins from the body. You can try them for yourself with Barlow Herbal detoxifying natural supplements.

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general wellness
General Wellness
Getting the best fuel for your body is such an important part to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our health is essential, so it’s critical that you go out and find the things that fuel your healthy lifestyle and to take care of your general wellness.

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icon heart beat HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE
high blood pressure
High Blood Pressure
Many choose natural herbal remedies that treat high blood pressure instead of prescription drugs. There are some benefits to doing this, and herbal supplements for lowering high blood pressure from Barlow Herbal give you the power of natural remedies in a potent, easy-to-take form.

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high cholesterol
High Cholesterol
High cholesterol is something many of us will face in the future, if not at the moment. Barlow Herbal will work with you to find the best supplements that help treat high cholesterol.

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icon speedometer INFLAMMATION
If you’re one of the millions of people suffering from inflammation, finding relief isn’t always as easy as taking a trip to the drug store. Barlow Herbal carries a vast supply of traditional herbal supplements people have used to treat inflammation for centuries.

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icon prescription bottle LDM 100 / LOMATIUM
LDM 100 / Lomatium
LDM-100 is pure Lomatium dissectum extract in an organic cane alcohol base. It’s anti-viral properties are amazing, and help support a healthy life.

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icon gender LIBIDO
Natural herbal remedies for improved libido have been around probably as long as civilization. Many of the natural herbal remedies for improved libido reputed to be the most powerful come from plants that you won’t usually see when out on a stroll in your local area. Barlow Herbal can deliver them to your door in the form of supplements.

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Lung / Breathing Issues
Chronic heart and lung disease and viral and bacterial infections are some of the most common reasons for breathing problems. Natural herbal remedies that help improve breathing issues have existed since immemorial. Try the herbal supplements for improved lung function from Barlow Herbal.

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icon tick LYME DISEASE
lyme disease
Lyme Disease
Lyme disease causes a series of adverse symptoms after someone has been bitten by a tick and it spreads a bacterial infection that’s generally treated with antibiotics. However, some may prefer to take natural supplements instead of antibiotic medication since it can disrupt the gut microbiome and have other unwanted effects.

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icon female gender MENOPAUSE
Natural herbal remedies help manage menopausal problems by giving your body the boost it needs to self-regulate. This is a transitional time in a woman’s life because of the changes her body is experiencing. Luckily, there are gentle and homeopathic ways to make you feel reinvigorated.

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memory loss
Memory Loss / Brain Fog
If you are dealing with memory loss, inability to concentrate, and difficulty thinking, then you are experiencing the symptoms of what’s known as brain fog. Barlow Herbal has a collection of herbal supplements that improve memory and treat brain fog.

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men's health
Men’s Health
Natural herbal remedies can help improve a man’s health when used in combination with practices such as regular exercise, stress management, and a healthy diet. Look to Barlow Herbal for a natural way to support your endocrine system and boost the performance of important bodily functions.

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icon happy and sad faces MOOD / DEPRESSION
Mood / Depression
Natural herbal remedies that help treat depression and mood swings will appeal to many people that don’t want to take the risks of side effects from anti-depressant drugs. Barlow Herbal makes it simple with our powerfully created natural supplements for depression and mood disorders.

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icon parasitic worms PARASITES
Several Parasites attach themselves to humans. Barlow Herbal helps you get rid of parasites with natural supplements instead of prescription drugs. You can trust our products to naturally rid your body of parasites.

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icon male gender PROSTATE ISSUES
Prostate Issues
You can support prostrate health and treat common prostrate problems naturally with herbal supplements form Barlow Herbal. There are several options that we can help you select depending on what challenges you face.

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icon daisy flower SEASONAL ALLERGIES
seasonal allergies
Seasonal Allergies
Natural supplements for seasonal allergies are based on herbal remedies used for centuries and are an alternative to drugs. Barlow Herbal supplements are a natural treatment for allergies.

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icon virus SLEEP / INSOMNIA
Sleep / Insomnia
Natural supplements for insomnia and other sleep issues are an alternative to potentially dangerous prescription sleeping pills. Let Barlow Herbal’s tinctures help you fall asleep naturally.

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icon bandaids SKIN ISSUES / ACNE
Skin Issues / Acne
Acne and other skin issues can be treated successfully with natural herbal supplements from Barlow Herbal. We have created several options for acne treatment without the scary side effects.

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icon activity STRESS / ANXIETY
Stress / Anxiety
Everyone has stress in their lives. Whether they work in stressful environments, or live with anxiety daily, or encounter it periodically, Barlow Herbal has supplements that help.

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icon Thyroid THYROID
Did you know that Barlow Herbal produces some of the most potent herbal supplements that safely treat common thyroid issues? The thyroid gland is responsible for many critical functions in the body.

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icon female gender NAIL / NAIL FUNGUS
Nail / Nail Fungus
Barlow Herbal has many options to treat nail fungus naturally. Herbal supplements are an effective remedy for common nail fungus issues.

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icon virus VIRAL ISSUES
Viral Issues
Natural anti-viral herbal remedies have been used to great efficacy over thousands of years. Barlow Herbal carries many herbal supplements that treat viral problems.

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icon scale WEIGHT LOSS
weight loss
Weight Loss
Herbs and spices interact with the body in ways that allow you to shed weight easily. Turn to Barlow Herbal to learn more about herbal tinctures and supplements for weight loss.

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icon women gender symbol WOMAN’S HEALTH
woman's health
Woman’s Health
Barlow Herbal’s natural supplements are designed to improve a woman’s health in a gentle and homeopathic way.

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