Our Customers Say It Best

Barlow Herbal does more than make everything with love. We send our love with each shipment. We believe that love, nurturing, and caring for our customers are as healing as our herbal remedies. We can’t wait to send our love your way along with our helpful supplements. Please take a moment to read what our customers have to say about their experience and our products.

“Once again, your Golden Salve is a winner. I had several sores on my face and one deep sore on my finger at the knuckle. After a few days putting it thickly on these “not healing sores”, THEY ALL ARE GONE!
Nothing for a Dermatologist to look at or fix. I thank God for your efforts, products and heart for Him with your Sunday messages of love.”

Emery Dann

Santa Rosa, CA

“I used to get cold sores –not frequently, but enough to be terrible. Nothing helped them go away faster than 10 days minimum, and there was always a fair amount of pain and a fair amount of ugly.

A few days ago I felt the dreaded tingling and bump on my lip. I am a daily user of lomatium, so I upped the frequency of that to 3 times a day, but

also applied it topically to my lip.
The cold sore never developed. My lip crusted ever so slightly after a day or two, and no one but me would ever have known any bump was there at all.

Miraculous. THANKS!”

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Deb Harrity

“Thank you so much for your uplifting messages and videos. I think you are making a difference with your positive and upbeat sharing. I wanted to update you on my Lomatium journey. Quickly, I began my Lomatium journey in October 2020, with 25 drops 2x/day after the initial 30 days. I was under a lot of stress, and even with taking the Lomatium, I continued to get cold sores. I consulted with you after one year, and I upped the

dosage to 50 drops 2X/day. ALL cold sore outbreaks ended immediately and I have continued the 50 drops 2X/day–successfully. My stress levels have dropped some, which also probably helps. I’m very pleased with the outcome..

Thank you so much for being you.”

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Emery Dann

“I just have to share an amazing testimonial from your Golden Salve.
My Dad (age 60) had a cancerous spot removed from his skin under his eye. It was looking so sore and like an infection may be coming. I shared some Golden Salve with him and he put it on only twice! (I was kind of surprised he actually listened to me and used it) He just sent me before and after pictures from 2 days of use and said wow, your salve has done

wonders on my incision!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful products!”

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Kelli Ritchie

“I recently purchased a 4oz Ginloba, wow! Just four or five doses and I feel the benefit in a big way. Thank you for sending the email that reminded me how much I need this wonderful herbal tincture. I also use LDM100 regularly although I take breaks from time-to-time. I include five drops in my dog’s food a few times per week also. I spend my money on high value goods, your stuff is at the top of my list. Much love.

Doug J.

“Can I just tell you again how much I love your Salve with the ez. I had some bad mosquito bites at the Hot Springs that I suffered with for a couple of days and I was in my trailer and had Cortizone cream that I put on them, but they still itched horribly. the minute I got home I put on the jane salve and got immediate relief and no further itching! It’s the best! Thanks!!”

Vicki Nelson

“Seriously Jane, OMG this stuff works! I recently relistened to your dialogue on the Endgame series last year and immediately ordered some RTrans up last week. Started taking it on arrival and I’ve had 6 good nights sleeps since – thank you so much! Also saw a note in my day planner the other day that has May 8’22 as my

2yr anniversary since starting on Barlow Herbal products – my life/health has been tremendously enriched since then – I am eternally grateful to you, your family (deceased and otherwise) Thank-You ALL so much! I love you!”

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Gail Bigcharles

“I was so surprised when I opened my last Barlow Herbal order to see a lovely mug as a gift with my product! Thank you so much! I have another mug, one with a different color inside, and this one is so pretty. It’s green, my favorite color. I use the mugs every day at work, and just wanted to let you know your generosity is

appreciated. Barlow Herbal practices the love that Jane speaks of so often and it is a refreshing perspective in today’s world, at once both new and very old, but possibly forgotten.”

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Kim Matlock

“I have a client who gets terrible cellulitis every time she get a bug bite. She took the Clarkia the last time she was bitten and NO cellulitis!! Also, I was getting quite sick and I took Essaic, Munity Boost and Pau d’Arco, but wasn’t getting better. Then I added Clarkia at a very high dose and the next day I was fine! Wonderful herbals. Telling everyone to get some on hand.”

Bonnie Tarttier

“I contacted you last year regarding lomatium. So. Here is my update. I got diagnosed with EBV IN 2018. Been suffering ever since. But….

I was so sensitive that I had to start dang slowly! On sept 22,2021 I started in 1 drop of lomatium after doing a whole bottle of mmunity boost. After a few weeks I got a half dollar sized rash on my arm. It went away after a few weeks.

I slowly ramped up the lomatium. By January of 2022 I was up to 16 drops 2x a day. And still on mmunity boost.
By today I am up to 24 drops 2x a day. My DOM who tests all of my herbs finally sanctioned me to start 3x a day with my starting mid day dose at 10 drops and ramp up slowly to 24 drops. Whoo hoo!!!

I JUST got labs back and my EBV level dropped 6 points. So I am pretty stoked that in 6 months at my next labs I am hoping for bigger results as I wasn’t even on a high dose yet and had a drop!!!!

I am on a quite a lot of herbs and lomatium and mmunity boost and liver love we’re the only new ones I introduced. Prior to starting on your products all other labs previously netted me an increase in my viral load.

Just had to share!! Thank you for all you do!! Feeling hopeful!”

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“Your herbs have saved me twice now!!! First I used Lomatium to get rid of an antibiotic- resistant UTI last summer. (I did the whole liver cleanse, etc before it and it all took several months but it is gone and has not come back!!) Yea!! Thank you so much! Then one week before I was to leave to stay with my 92-year -old mother this May, I got severe flu symptoms.

It was not Covid. So I took Lomatium hourly for most of a day, the next morning, and within about 36 hours it was all completely gone!!! Amazing!!!

You and your Herbs are a treasure I am most grateful for!!

May God continue to send you many Blessings!

Lots of Love and Blessings”

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Cathy Bittinger

‘I wanted to share an exciting story with you about the success of one of your herbs! Over my lifetime, I have had many bouts with Kidney stones that resulted in several procedures to remove them. I was desperate to find something that would be more preventative. One year ago, I was diagnosed with two small kidney stones that were 1mm in size. Generally, they grow from there and

eventually I will have to deal with their removal. I was reading about your Chanca Piedra-aka Stone Breaker and thought “Why not give it a shot” so I started my journey taking 20 drops each day for almost one year. I was anxious to be retested by my Urologist to see if any changes had occurred! The results of my test were “What Kidney Stones”? I was clean as a whistle with no signs of any stones and my kidneys looked Great! It worked just as the tag line said “aka Stone Breaker”!

Thank you”

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Tom Berce

“I have been wanting to use the Lomatium herb since I saw our interview with Chris Wark. And I am very impressed with the volume of information that came with my order (and shipping was free!!). And then there was the healing salve. Just in time for a construction project I’m about to begin (just in case I get cuts and scrapes during my build).

Thank you very much for providing this product and the wealth of information. I feel confident in taking my health to the next level.”

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I have metastatic breast cancer and I take over sixty supplements and eleven tinctures daily; several of which are from Barlow Herbal, which are my absolute favorite. I have total faith in their purity and effectiveness; and even the tincture droppers work better than those of many other companies. I feel they really are created as a labor of love and my body loves them–I even love their beautiful

colors! Barlow Herbal’s customer service is wonderful, kind, and caring; and I feel that love is the company’s secret ingredient–they’re even packaged and mailed with love:) Once in a while, I skip some of my other supplements and tinctures; but I NEVER skip those from Barlow Herbal. I would also like to mention that I have not caught a cold, flu, or anything since taking their products.

Finally, I enjoy Jane’s emailed messages. Good runs downhill too!

With love and appreciation,

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Kathleen K. Sabatier

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