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Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by a type of yeast known as Candida. It can affect the skin, nails, digestive system, and sexual organs of men and women. It can also affect the mouth, with symptoms of a white yeast-like substance on the tongue and back of the throat. Barlow Herbal carries herbal supplements that treat Candida yeast.

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There are several anti-fungal medications a doctor can prescribe to treat Candidiasis. Some treatments are expensive. Treatments to your toes can cost thousands of dollars per nail. Natural supplements that treat Candida are an excellent alternative.

Studies Show Natural Herbal Remedies For Candida May Work

With Barlow Herbal’s natural herbal remedies for circulation, you know you’re getting authentic herbal supplements without adding harmful chemicals. Our extraction methods provide potent doses of Nature’s most powerful medicines to get your blood flowing again. The market for herbal supplements for improved circulation is full of other brands that make misleading claims about ingredients. Barlow Herbal has been around for over four decades because we’re the only brand consumers know they can trust.

Natural herbal remedies that help eliminate Candida Yeast may have science to back them up. There remain few studies being done, but some show that natural herbal remedies for candida worldwide have had promising results.

Some of the herbal supplements that treat Candida Yeast from Barlow Herbal include:

  • Mycocyde
    – Mycocyde from Barlow Herbal contains Sarsaparilla, Cayenne Pepper, Poke root, and Lomatium dissectum. All are ingredients found in natural herbal remedies that help eliminate Candida Yeast around the world. Mycocyde is a powerful way to combine many natural supplements that treat Candida into one liquid drop.
  • Pau d’Arco
    – Pau d’Arco has potent extracts of the inner bark of this tree found in the Amazon. The natives ascribe to Pau d’Arco immune boosting properties and the ability to fight infections.
  • Spirulina
    – Spirulina is a blue-green alga that some studies have shown to be effective in natural herbal remedies for Candida.

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Natural Herbal Remedies That Help Eliminate Candida Yeast May Be Hard To Find – Herbal Supplements Are Not

Natural supplements that treat Candida do most of the hard work for you – finding the herbs that fight Candida Yeast and extracting their properties in an easy-to-take pill or liquid form. Herbal supplements are an excellent way to try natural herbal remedies for Candida that people have used for centuries.

Not all brands produce herbal supplements that treat Candida Yeast the same. Many add artificial and unnatural chemicals into their supplements. Many of these additives are unnecessary and potentially harmful. Barlow Herbal uses only natural ingredients and powerful extraction techniques to ensure you get the herbs and their anti-fungal properties as you expect.

Why Barlow Herbal?

Barlow Herbal has been making herbal supplements for forty years. Our consumers are the reason why, and trust the methods developed by its founder, Dr. Max G. Barlow. As an esteemed botanist and master herbalist, his company naturally had an intellectual edge compared to an industry crowded with get-rich-quick schemers. His knowledge of plant taxonomy and skills in extracting their properties made Barlow Herbal supplements trusted for their potency and effectiveness.

Our herbal supplements that treat Candida Yeast are made to the highest standards. Barlow Herbal is able to give you concentrated dosages of herbs used in natural remedies because we can do it without adding unnatural chemicals as others must. The skills to do it have been passed to the next generation of Barlows who now run the business. Only Barlow Herbal is able to give you a truly natural alternative to modern day drugs and treatments.

Have More Control In Your Medication

Natural herbal remedies for Candida have been around for centuries. Science is slowly beginning to stand behind some of the purported benefits of herbs used against Candida Yeast. With real supplements made with powerful extracts of these herbs, you gain more control in your decisions of what medications you put in your body. For natural medicine, order online from

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