Natural Supplements for Lyme Disease Symptoms

Lyme disease causes a series of adverse symptoms after someone has been bitten by a tick and it spreads a bacterial infection that’s generally treated with antibiotics. However, some may prefer to take natural supplements instead of antibiotic medication since it can disrupt the gut microbiome and have other unwanted effects.

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The Natural Solution For Lyme Disease

Barlow Herbal carries a line of quality herbal supplements that will aid you in the treatment of Lyme disease. We believe in taking a holistic approach to health and wellness through botanical extracts that contain naturally-occurring antibiotic properties. In combination with medicine prescribed by your doctor, natural herbal remedies provide the additional support your body needs to combat several symptoms of Lyme disease. Find the solution you’ve been looking for by discovering the herbal enzymes and antioxidants that work for you.

Remedies That Support the Body Against Lyme Disease

Herbal supplements help detoxify your body and boost the immune system in those dealing with the effects of Lyme disease. The benefits are even greater when you make lifestyle and nutritional changes that are also aimed at protecting and repairing the body. Natural herbal remedies are a complementary treatment option that have been shown to alleviate some of the major symptoms you may be experiencing. In fact, herbs have played a significant role in alternative medicine for centuries.

Lyme disease is a tick-borne, autoimmune illness that causes inflammation, rash, and flu-like symptoms to develop. When it isn’t addressed in the early stages, it can get worse and cause serious side effects. It’s important to treat the symptoms of Lyme disease as soon as possible and get the support your body needs to get better. People will often take every avenue available to them in order to mitigate the negative health effects. Herbal remedies will do just that when taken in combination with other forms of medicine.

Barlow Herbal’s Products that Helps with Lyme Dises

  • LDM-100
    – This is an oil derived from the plant Lomatium dissectum, also known as fernleaf biscuitroot or desert parsley, has natural properties that fight against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Uña de Gato
    – It goes by the Spanish name Uña de Gato, meaning cat claw, because of its thorns. Extracts from this plant provide an anti-inflammatory response and help to counteract viral infections while boosting the immune system.
  • Pfaffia
    – Known as Brazilian ginseng, this medicinal plant is a natural analgesic that has an anti-inflammatory reaction in people with Lyme disease.

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See the Barlow Herbal Difference for Yourself

The vast amount of knowledge that Barlow Herbal holds in the area of natural supplements will give you reassurance as you look into the medicinal advantages of herbs. Our extensive history in the field has allowed us to perfect the extraction process and deliver the herb’s most pure and potent form. Generations of botany enthusiasts at our company have worked hard to bottle a natural solution to relieve your ailments. We carry tried-and-true herbal products that have been shown to have positive effects on those experiencing symptoms of Lyme disease. Certain plant extracts have anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and pain alleviating benefits that you can take advantage of. You should give your body the boost it needs to control aches and pains as it’s recovering from this illness. Our research and experience lets us bring you the best in herbal supplements, so you can begin to experience some much-needed relief.

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Many people turn to natural herbal supplements because pharmaceuticals have drawbacks that they’d rather avoid. Instead of ingesting synthetic ingredients, you can get medicinal perks from herbs and plant extracts that are easier on your body while providing great results. While antibiotics are routinely prescribed, you may also find that botanical alternatives can do wonders to improve ill effects of Lyme disease. Explore natural remedies and learn about how they might be helpful as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Browse our line of herbal supplements like LDM-100, Uña de Gato, and Pfaffia. Order online now!

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