You are not the Victim. You are the Creator.
few years ago, I was at a conference where Dr. Bruce Lipton was speaking.
As I listened to him talk I was blown away by his lecture. Every cell in my body responded to his words. Yes! Yes! Yes!
I knew with my whole being that his message was true.
Dr. Bruce Lipton is a medical doctor and a cellular biologist, and his message is scientifically based and proven.
You are not the victim of your genes. You are the creator. Your belief system and the environment you create for your body and mind determines the diseases you get or don’t get. You have control.
This is not fluffy thinking. This is not about woo-woo techniques or fake science. There is powerful scientific evidence to back it up.
This new science is called Epigenetics. But here’s the crazy thing, it’s not really new. Dr. Lipton discovered Epigenetics more than 30 years ago. It just takes a long time for collective thinking to accept new ideas, even when they are based on hard science.
Epigenetics is essentially how genes are read by cells and how they subsequently produce proteins. In other words, your genes are basically blueprints or instructions on how to make important proteins that trigger various biological actions to carry out life functions. Sound a little complicated?
Here are the key facts to know about Epigenetics:
1. The simplified definition of Epigenetics is that it is the study of the biological mechanisms that literally switches genes on and off. 2. Certain circumstances in life can cause genes to be silenced or expressed over time. 3. Epigenetics are everywhere. What you eat, where you live, who you interact with, when you sleep, how you exercise and even how you age or slow down the aging process. These things can eventually cause chemical modifications around the genes that will turn those genes on or off. In certain diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s, various genes will be switched into the opposite state, away from the normal/healthy state. 4. Epigenetics takes the responsibility of health and wellness and puts it squarely back on your shoulders. It is not your doctors job to keep you well. It is YOURB job.
In the simplest terms – Every choice you make counts. What you eat and drink day in and day out. Your quality of sleep. How much you move and exercise every day. What nutrients are you giving your body so that it can thrive rather than just survive? And among the most important? What you believe and how much love and forgiveness you have in your life.
“Based on logic. If a healing profession works in agreement with nature and science, then that healing profession should be a benefit to the patient. But, if a healing profession does not understand science and nature, then it may be a detriment to the patient.” Dr. BruceB Lipton
Your mind and your body are one. If you are a woman and you believe that every woman in your family eventually gets breast cancer because you have the ‘gene’ then eventually your genes will express breast cancer. If you believe that you have no control over your genes, that you get what you are born with then you will have a victim mentality and will take less responsibility for the choices you make. You will feel that you might as well eat, drink and be merry because there is nothing you can do about it.
Sadly, if you are like most people, then you turn the responsibility of your health over to your medical doctors.
Just look at the lack of health in the United States. We are obese and drugged up. But please know this – It’s not the medical doctors fault. They are not taught how to heal you. They are taught that you are a biochemical machine controlled by your genes. They are then taught how to cover up your symptoms with drugs, slice into you and cut something out or after every test, biopsy and drug that doesn’t work – to simply tell you they don’t know what’s wrong.
I am not talking about trauma care, acute infection care or the 3b675%(not sure what the actual number is) of people who truly have a genetic predisposition. Medical technology can absolutely save your life if you get in a car accident or have a serious, sudden infection. You must use your common sense, knowledge and intuition.
The medical industry together with the pharmaceutical industry is wealthy because of our lifestyle choices and they are not motivated for you to be healthy. If you are healthy, you do not need their services. They want you to be a customer for life. In fact, they are banking on it. Drugs are now being made and marketed for babies and toddlers.
Check out the statistics for the leading causes of death in the US.
1) Iatrogenic Illness (approximately 784,000 people die every year)Do you realize what Iatrogenic Illness is? It is literally illness due to medical treatment. Not from the disease, but from the treatment of the disease. Over 300,000 people die every year from prescription drugs taken as prescribed. Why we’re not up in arms about this is beyond me.
Iatrogenic illness is the NUMBER ONE cause of death in the United States. If you were to do a search on the internet of the number one cause of death it would be heart disease followed by cancer. The CDC doesn’t even count deaths caused by medical treatment or prescription drugs.
2)Cardiovascular Disease (approximately 700,000 people die every year)
3)Cancer (approximately 591,000 people every year)
I’s time to take back your life on the level you know you are capable of.
It’s not easy to change your lifestyle or your belief systems. But it is possible.
Here’s a place to start. Pick up Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book – “The Biology of Belief.” It has been out for 10 years and the science is solid. You can also get it on audio. I’ve read the book a couple of times over the years and listened it to several times on audio. This is one way you can start to understand this amazing way of living and taking care of yourself.
You become what you believe. You have the power to change your genetic expression by changing your belief system and your the environment that you allow your body to live in.
Your SUB-CONSCIOUS mind makes more than 95% of your daily decisions. What your health, wealth and relationships look like are pure, simple habit.
Make every decision using your CONSCIOUS mind when it comes to health, wellness, fitness and anything in your life you want to change. Then those things will become habit.
You want to lose weight, but you keep eating the same things that keep you overweight. You know what to eat, what to drink and how much you need to satisfy yourself. But you don’t consciously make the decision to reprogram your habits.
You want to have a better relationship with your spouse, partner, kids, boss.
You want to get out of debt and go on more vacations.
Yet, you just go through your daily life doing the same things that keep you where you are.
You have the desire.
You have the will power.
But those things don’t work. If they did, everyone would be happy, healthy, wealthy and doing what they love.
So, tap into your conscious mind.
Be aware of your moment by moment movements.
You have control.
You are not the victim.
You are the creator.
Be the creator of your life.
You are a powerful being.
Much love, Jane XO
PS – Read Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, “The Biology of Belief.” It contains powerful information that gives you the ability to take back control.