The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread cheer than by gifting your loved ones tools to benefit their health and well-being?

Truly, our loved ones are our greatest gifts, and they are ours. Putting our health first and encouraging those we care for to do the same is a priceless gift.

Here is a curation of herbs, bundles, stocking stuffers and other gift ideas to show your loved ones how much their health and vitality means to you:


If you pick one thing from this list to give a loved one this year, give them the gift (and superpower) of lomatium! If you have tried lomatium, then you know how magical and helpful it can be. It’s anti-microbial properties may help with a vast array of issues whether they be viral, fungal or bacterial. This bundle was created to support those who have never tried a lomatium product by reducing the risk of the one time lomatium detox rash. The Ultimate Lomatium Starter Bundle contains:

LiverLove – Supports and detoxifies the liver and gallbladder. It is a special combination of nine herbs to nourish and support these important organs. If the liver is detoxified, it is much less likely that the skin will take on the detoxification process caused by lomatium.
MunityBoost – Developed to gently introduce lomatium into the system, supported by potent detoxifying and immune-boosting herbs.
LDM-100 – A broad-spectrum antimicrobial herb that is thought to help with both prevention of infections and to support the body in fighting them.
P.S. If you gift this to someone, please be sure to educate them about the risks of the lomatium detox rash. That kind of surprise is not the kind you want them to get as a gift! This information is covered in our catalog which you can download for free as a PDF here. 


I can’t think of a better way to show love than to gift someone a collection of potent and useful herbal remedies for cold and flu season. Our Flu Preparedness Kit isn’t just for when you are sick, though! It can boost immune function and stave off the discomfort often associated with the cold winter months. The Flu Preparedness Kit contains:

LDM-100 – A broad-spectrum antimicrobial herb that we have found to be useful for both prevention and while sick.
Lung Blend – A proprietary blend of herbs to support, detoxify and nourish lung tissue. It is helpful for congestion and coughing. Is also useful for those living in heavily polluted areas.
SEES-Plus – Encapsulated lomatium root. In our experience, when lomatium is taken in this form it seems to target respiratory issues.
MunityBoost – A beautiful blend of herbs that can boost the immune system, detoxify the organs and potentially even improve overall mood & wellbeing!
Herbal Throat Spray – A nourishing, soothing and delicious blend of herbs that  can alleviate sore throats and calm coughs.


Who wouldn’t love a little boost? Help a loved one combat holiday stress and winter blues with this uplifting gift. Our Mood&Energy Blends is a perfect blend of herbs and essential oils that can provide the body support to combat stress. It may help to relive mild anxiety, depression and fatigue.


This beautiful, 280 page full color plant identification guide details the medicinal properties of 94 of Mother Nature’s most healing plants.

You will find a full color photo, a hand drawn plant illustration and instructions of where each of these plants grow, what part of the plant to use, what time of day to collect them, when the medicinal properties are at their highest and how to prepare them into a tincture, decoction, poultice, emergency field use, etc.

Be Your Own Shaman is the kind of thing that every household needs. It is truly a treasure trove of wisdom that will be useful now and for many generations to come.


Listen, I am not just saying this, every person I have given a bottle of this luxurious skin serum LOVES it. Pamper someone you love by giving them the gift of radiant, nourished skin. A luscious treat for any skin type! Glowing Vitality is available in four scents of pure essential oil.


At the core of every holiday season is the memories we make with those we love. Meaningful shared memories you create with those you love will last longer than any gift. Support the cognitive health of your loved ones with our brilliant nootropic, BrainGlow. Not only can it potentially increase mental focus and clarity, but it also may increase mental energy, balance mood and promote an overall sense of well-being.


A perfect collection of our most popular and essential products! Gifting someone with the tools to begin stocking their herbal cabinet is a beautiful way to show someone that you love them and want them around for a long, long time! The Starter Kit Contains:

MunityBoost 2oz – A must-have for cold, flu and seasonal allergies.
LDM-100 2oz – Our pure lomatium dissectum tincture. Defend against infecting microbes of many kinds!
Herbal Throat Spray – Great for everyone – kids love it!
Cayenne Pepper with Slippery Elm extract 2oz – Digestive health, heart health.
LiverLove – Nourish and support the liver and gallbladder.
TrulyTurmeric – A versatile and potent anti-inflammatory herb.
Spirulina – Nature’s superfood!
Detoxifier – (Broken cell wall chlorella) Detoxification and nutrition.
HeartLove – Promotes heart health. Simple!
Golden Salve Natural 2oz – Handmade healing herbal salve.
Glowing Vitality Skin Serum with a bar of handmade soap.  


Our furry friends deserve some herbal support too! This special bundle just for them or someone who has a cherished pet in their life. The Ultimate Pet Bundle contains:

Reduced Alcohol LDM-100  2oz – Antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral.

Reduced Alcohol Essiac-20  2oz  – Our special formula that may help prevent cancer or support the body to fight it.

Reduced Alcohol Clarkia-100  2oz  – A broad spectrum anti-parasite formula.

Luci’s Salve  4oz – A pet-safe, topical healing salve.


Luscious, handmade soap.

Nourishing natural lip balm.

CBD Bath Bomb

Digital Gift Card

We hope this provides you with thoughtful and meaningful ways you can show your loved ones that you care about their health and happiness.

With LOVE,

Jane and the Barlow Herbal Team.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind I am not a doctor and this is not meant to be medical advice. All the information on this website is for educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. We are not making any claims about the efficacy of these products. This information, these products and our suggestions are not meant to prescribe, diagnose, prevent, treat, cure any disease or replace proper medical care. Please check with your doctor before taking any of these products.