Many people are struggling with the after effects of 


CryptoBlend contains:

1) Cryptolepis is a plant that grows in Central and West Africa.  It has powerful antimicrobial properties and provides relief for inflammation, soothes fevers, is effective against malaria, Lyme disease and bacterial and yeast infections.
It is well known to support healthy immune and inflammation response against many infections.

2) Lomatium dissectum is a Native American plant with a rich history of being used for many chronic and acute infections whether they be viral, fungal, bacterial or yeast.  I could go on but most of you are familiar with this amazing plant!

3) Chaparral is claimed to treat over 50 ailments including cancer, arthritis, tuberculosis, skin conditions and the common cold.  It has been used as an herbal remedy for centuries due to its antiviral activity and the preventative use for HPV, HIV and HSV.
Chaparral contains NDGA, which is an antioxidant that can inhibit lipid peroxidation.  While there appears to be a connection between Chaparral and liver toxicity, the mechanism is unclear.  Some people hypothesize that it’s related to NDGA affecting the liver’s ability to remove toxins.
There is debate regarding its safety, since anecdotally, Chaparral has been used for centuries with NO reports of liver failure.
I wanted to address this because I know that many of you are researchers.  I’ve personally been using Chaparral for many years and it’s also in our East Star formulas.  

4) Holy Basil promotes balance throughout the entire body including the immune, reproductive, central nervous system and cardiovascular system.  It helps the body maintain homeostasis and fights the effects of stress.  It may also protect against infections and treat wounds.

5) Suma root is also known as Brazilian ginseng and looks like a cream-colored carrot.  Suma is a well-known adaptogen (we make a tincture of it called Pfaffia) that helps the body resist physical, chemical and biological stress.
It provides improvements to fatigue, overall balance and muscle tone.
(If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, please check with your functional medicine doctor prior to using Suma).

These herbs are blended in perfect percentages in our new Crypto Blend special formulation.  There is deep research, inspiration and prayer that goes into making our herbal remedies and we are grateful for the opportunity to bring them to you and your families.