It seems like it can be extra hard to eat the foods we know are good for us and provide a power punch of nutrition.

Salads and Green Juices

You might get all motivated to eat a salad a day and start juicing.

You might even actually do it for a week or longer.

But then…the hassle sets in.  The shopping, the chopping, the cleanup.

And you haven’t even eaten it yet.  SO MUCH WORK, right?!

Here’s what I’ve found.

You must make it a habit.  You’ve got to start doing it and then keep doing it.

I’ve found that it’s very peaceful to prepare all the veggies and things I put on my salads. 

And my best tip?  Keep it simple. 

You know that if it’s a new habit, there is a big, hard part.  You’ve got to rearrange your life and schedule to accommodate the new time and energy that goes along with a new lifestyle habit.

Here is a little list of my 5 go-to salad recipes and my ONE green juice recipe.

Get these down and then branch out.  You can even do 1-2 salads that are your go-to’s.  Certainly doesn’t have to be 5.  You get to choose.