I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon gallstone flushing on the internet, but I did, and something told me I needed to try it.
Hello everyone. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Brian and I hold the honor and privilege of being able to be a part of this incredible family business, Barlow Herbal. It was founded by my brilliant, late grandfather, Max Barlow and later revived and rebuilt by my wonderful mother, Jane Barlow.
I love that every day we are able to provide our customers with powerfully effective herbal supplements and as much information and guidance as possible. Along with herbal and other plant-based supplements, we at Barlow Herbal often discuss the importance of dietary choices, cleanses and many other ways one can be proactive with one’s health. For my very first blog, I’m going to explain my experience with gallstone flushing.
After looking over a few different flush recipes, I did some research on what caused gallstones. According to my research, there are 3 main categories of people who are at risk for having excess gallstones.
1. Women 2. Anyone over the age of 40. 3. Being overweight.
I am a man in his early thirties, but I’ve been some degree of overweight at least half my life. Other things that can cause gallstones are going on long juice or water fasts, eating a high amount of fat from animal products, or having a condition such as cirrhosis or sickle cell anemia. The most common type of gallstones are olive green and consist mainly of cholesterol and salt. Smaller reddish-brown stones mainly consist of bilirubin, which is found in liver bile and consists of dead red blood cells.
I’ve done some juice fasting in the past (never longer than 6 days), and Lord know I’ve consumed more than my share of fat from animal products and yeah, the being overweight thing. Coming to the conclusion that it was highly likely that I had a good store of gallstones, I picked a recipe online and went for it. I will include the recipe and procedure at the end.
I’ve done 3 flushes so far and have had tremendous success. The first time I passed literally hundreds of small green stones. The second time was the biggest harvest, again passing hundreds of green stones, many of them very big (about the size of a gumball), many medium, and many small (like small pebbles). The third time I passed the least amount of stones, seeing only about 20-30 small green ones. The reason multiple flushes are done is because once the gallbladder is emptied initially, a few days later stones that have been living in the liver decide to go ahead and fill up the gallbladder again. So it’s best to keep flushing until you see little to no stones, which would indicate that your liver is very close to or completely free of stones.
I will now list the recipe/procedure below. Before I do, I feel inclined to mention that I strongly recommend eliminating all animal fats from the diet during the “”prep phase””. The recipe I followed suggests doing so. On flushes 1 and 3 I ignored this advice (what can I say, I love bacon), but on my 2nd go-around I cut out all animal fat and had the biggest volume of stones come out. This could just be coincidence, as maybe newer, smaller stones were occupying my gallbladder during the 1st flush, then older, larger stones from my liver filled my gallbladder and then were ejected with flush number 2, and maybe flush 2 got most of them and then there were just a few left for flush 3. I can’t say say for sure, but at any rate, I’d recommend elimination all animal fat during the “”prep phase””.
Prep phase: 14 days prior to “”flush day””, drink at least 30 ounces (about 7 apples worth) of fresh apple juice each day (the pectin and malic acid soften the gallstones). Juice them yourself if possible. Otherwise, store-bought is fine. Just make sure there’s only one ingredient: apple
juice. During this 14 days, eat your normal diet, but minimize/eliminate fat from animal products, i.e. dairy, meat, poultry and seafood. Meat is OK, just make it nonfat or extra lean.
Flush day: On this day, you can eat/drink until 2:00 pm, however, eat only fresh fruit and vegetables and drink only fresh fruit juice, black coffee or unsweetened tea. Be sure to consume ZERO fat, all types of fat, even plant-based.
After 2:00 pm, do not eat or drink anything, except water of course.
At 6:00 pm, mix 1 Tablespoon of Epsom salt in with 1 cup of cold water and drink (the Epsom salt dilates the bile ducts in the liver).
Drink the same Epsom salt water again at 8:00 pm.
At 9:50 pm, mix 1/2 cup of organic, virgin, first cold-press olive oil with 1/2 cup of fresh grapefruit or orange juice (I used grapefruit all 3 times) and the juice of a whole lemon.
Mix concoction vigorously and begin to drink at 10:00 pm, making sure to finish no later than 10:05 pm. B Chug it down as quickly as you can.
IMMEDIATELY after finishing olive oil/lemon/grapefruit mixture, lie on your RIGHT side. Lie in bed, on the floor, on the couch or wherever, just make sure you’re parallel with the ground and on your right side (fetal position). I even put a rolled-up yoga mat between my body (just below the rib cage) and the mattress, putting a little extra pressure on the liver and gallbladder. Lie on your right side for AT LEAST 20 minutes (go a little longer if you want, I did about 30 minutes every time). After that, go to sleep in whatever position(s) you’d like.
Results day: The next morning, before you eat and no earlier than 6:00 am, drink the Epsom salt water again.
Drink the Epsom salt water again 2 hours later.
Two hours later, eat a piece of fruit or some juice.
Half an hour later go back to eating as normal. It’s recommended that your first meal/snack be something light, like a salad. At this point you should be having very watery bowel movements and passing gallstones through your stools. Stay close to a toilet. You should be able to see some stones floating in the water and you can always catch them in a sieve if you’re extra motivated. I took pictures because, although gross, I wanted to prove to others it really worked and hopefully that would inspire them to do a gallstone flush.
Thanks for reading everyone and good luck! -Brian