Love. Grace.  And Gratitude.

These three words have amazing power.

Here is a beautiful meditation that will immediately allow you to put these words into action.

1) Find a quiet place and get yourself comfortable. 
You can sit or lay down. 

2) Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by divine, white light. On both sides of you, above you, below you, literally all around your body.

3) Take a slow, deep breath and as you do – breathe in the energy and feeling of LOVE.  Really feel it throughout your whole body. 

4) Then breathe out the feeling of GRACE.  Simply flow grace out for yourself, your family, your friends, and all of humanity.

5) Then out loud say something that you are grateful for.  A certain person.  A warm home to sleep in.  Food to eat. We all have so many blessings.  Some big.  Some small.  Many that we take for granted.

6) On each inhale you are focusing on and deeply feeling the energy of pure LOVE.  And on each exhale you are focusing on GRACE and saying out loud what you are GRATEFUL for.

Each breath and expression of gratitude will raise your vibration and will not only affect you and your loved ones as you walk through your day but it will raise the frequency of humanity.

The best way to convey my message of love today is through this video. Please enjoy and share if it resonates with you.

Shine your light!

Much love,