If you are new to the plant Lomatium, please read this information all the way through.  Please know that I am not a doctor and the information in this article is not meant to replace medical advice.  Plants are powerful and require knowledge and care.  Please use common sense and good judgement.

Lomatium can cause a one-time detox rash in some people when taking it for the first time. It is not a dangerous or contagious rash, but it can be a scary, uncomfortable and a very emotional detox.

Start with a very small dosage when taking a Lomatium product for the first time. A very small dosage of the liquid Lomatium (LDM-100) would be 5-10 drops in water once a day for the first week for adults. You can even start with 1-5 drops once a day for the first week. In capsule form (SEESPlus) one capsule once a day for the first week is considered a small dosage. It is easier to start with a smaller dosage when Lomatium is in liquid form (LDM-100 or MunityBoost).
Most little kids and teenagers do not get the rash. If they do, it is typically much less intense and clears out very quickly. A small, starting dose for a child would be 1-3 drops once a day for the first week. If no rash, then increase and use accordingly.

LDM-100 preceded by MunityBoost is very effective for all kinds of viral, fungal, yeast and some types of bacterial infections. Although there is much less chance of it, MunityBoost can cause the detox rash just like straight LDM-100 can. MunityBoost is 25% LDM-100.

What we’ve come to believe is that a viral or fungal load has been ‘stuck’ in the tissues and Lomatium gives your body the opportunity to push out through your skin (your largest organ). We’ve seen many people on a Lomatium protocol completely eradicate long standing, systemic viral and fungal issues. Even ones that lay dormant for long periods of time.
If someone is going to get this detox reacti

on, then it will happen with a small amount or a large amount. It will only happen once for most people who get the rash. Over the years we have had a small handful of people get a light rash a second time but only those who waited a long time between taking it for the first time and then taking it again. Usually a year or

Please remember that it’s not dangerous or contagious. Just extremely uncomfortable and itchy.

It usually proceeds like this: The rash will typically show up between 5-7 days after taking Lomatium. It looks like measles at first and then will progressively get worse before it starts to get better.

It can show up anywhere on the body and then spread. If someone has had chronic UTI’s then the rash usually shows up on the lower torso near the kidneys. If someone has had chronic chest/lung infections, then the rash usually shows up on the chest first before it spreads to the rest of the body. Sometimes it shows up randomly on a certain body part.

There can be swelling, fever and purple looking welts. The extremities are usually the last parts of the body to get the rash. Legs and arms. It is also normal for ears, nose and face to swell a little. Some people get a light rash that covers only small parts of the body and is gone in 2-3 days. Most people get the full deal. And it usually goes solid and looks like a sunburn.

A couple of guidelines: You can lower the dose and keep going or you can stop taking it until the rash is gone and runs its course or some people prefer to stop until the rash is gone simply because it makes them feel better to stop what caused the rash in the first place. It won’t make the rash go away quicker if you stop but it’s up to everyone individually.

It is very important to stay hydrated with lots of water. This will give your body a chance to truly flush the toxins out. Lots of fresh, green juicing also helps to nourish you through this detox quickly. Stay away from fried food, junk food, processed food, soda, milk and dairy and most meat while your body is detoxing.

Your body works very hard to digest, process and eliminate food and if you take a break from eating all together (fresh juice only) for 2-3 days, the rash will clear up much quicker. Even if you eat clean, taking a break from food will be extremely beneficial. If you simply can’t juice fast, then eat as clean as you can. Everyone knows what that means.

There are some supplements we’ve found to help the rash clear up a little quicker. Number one is Dandelion root. You can get it in liquid form, capsule form or tea. Dandelion root is a very well-known liver support and detox. When the liver is supported the body is better able to handle the powerful viral/fungal detox of Lomatium.

Look at our LiverLove product. It is a specific blend for detoxing and supporting the liver and gallbladder. Consider going through a full bottle of LiverLove prior to starting Lomatium. If you already have the rash, then it will help you to take some form of Dandelion root during the rash.

We also suggest high dose Vitamin C. 5000 mg per day for an adult. Activated Charcoal is also a helpful detox tool and will help your body process the detox without your skin having to take it all.

The Lomatium rash usually gets extremely itchy to the point of being unable to sleep for a night or two. Taking an Epsom salt bath once or twice a day is very beneficial and can soothe and nourish the skin while the rash is running its course.

Some people get up in the middle of the night to take an Epsom salt bath as well. Use Coconut Oil or Emu oil to smooth on the skin to relieve the itching. Some people will feel an increase in energy while the rash is doing its thing and some people feel quite the opposite and feel extremely fatigued. The rash is not contagious so if you feel good then just carry on as usual.

For some people this detox rash is an intense, emotional experience. This is a healing crisis. Sometimes you must get worse before you can get better. If you are tired, then rest as much as you can to let your body heal. There is no doubt this rash is miserable to go through, but your body is doing a smart thing.
If you are very sensitive, please decide if using Lomatium and the possibility of the rash is right for you.

If you are currently using recreational drugs using Lomatium might bring on a more intense detox.

All this being said…I believe that Lomatium is a game changer. It proves the power of Mother Nature’s medicine chest. It also proves that we live in a toxic world with too many chemicals, preservatives, GMO’s, processed and refined foods. We take too many drugs. We don’t get the nutrition, stress relief, love and forgiveness that allows our physical bodies to thrive.

It is a holistic answer to a complicated, modern problem.

Getting back to simplicity with food and nature is the path to take.

In conclusion –
A couple of wonderful things to know about Lomatium.

1) Your body doesn’t appear to build an immunity to the plant Lomatium. So, you can take it for long periods of time while your body is healing from long standing systemic, viral/fungal/yeast issues. It is common for many people to take a preventative dose every day during cold and flu season or when they travel. Especially when getting on an airplane. A solid preventative dose for an adult is 1/2 dropperful (approx. 25 drops) once or twice a day.
2) You can safely increase the dosage until it does the job. Due to our extensive, lifelong use of Lomatium we have used LDM-100 (25-50 drops each time) every hour on the hour to clear up UTIb4s, ear infections, cold, flu and other acute infections.