I just finished a five-day water fast. It was harder this time than I thought it would be. But I stayed the course. Sometimes it was hour by hour. Just get through this hour & just get through the next. An extended water fast gave me much more time inside my head. It made me aware of every part of my body and how it was feeling. Hungry, empty, tuned in and very present.
Each night as I went to bed, I was impressed with my desire for the benefits of the fast without giving into the temptation of the hunger. I felt good. Really good. Better than all the other people who want to fast, but don’t. Or can’t, maybe. I pretty quickly realized those feelings were not what I should be feeling.
It went from “”I better than – to I’m blessed.
I felt lucky to have the option to eat but also the option to fast to improve my health. Rather than the option of not having food at all.
First world problems. I reminded myself. You have the luxury of not eating all the food that you have in unlimited quantities of. Simply because you want to prevent. Cancer. Heart disease. Digestive issues. Inflammation issues. And all manner of ailments that humans get saddled with.
The hard part wasn’t the physical hunger but the mental hunger. But then it always is. When you wrap your head around completing something that is hard then you will almost always win.
Not everyone can do this. Nor should they. Some people have blood sugar problems that would make it impossible to do even a one day fast, let alone a 5-day fast.
I am blessed and lucky. I’ve also made many smart choices along this path of life. I study health and wellness. I own an herbal company and was raised by a dad who was a botanist.
I live in the United States and have access to pretty much anything I want. Healthy, organic food anytime I want and am willing to spend the money to get. Blessed. Grateful.
I know that the majority of the world does not live like I do. I know this. I am humbled beyond belief.
And that first sip of bone broth to break my fast? Delicious. Nutritious. Again – grateful for my options to take care of myself on this level. Every bite after a water fast is eaten with gratitude and love.
I know that we are meant to enjoy these physical bodies.
We are meant to taste, smell, hear and touch all the beauty that surrounds us.
We are not meant to numb ourselves with fast food, junk food, soda and all of the un-natural, processed food of this crazy industrial machine we call the food industry.
Doing a 5 day water fast reminds me to step outside of the typical model.
It reminds me to pay attention to the gifts and abundance of this modern world.
I am beyond blessed. I am grateful for my first world problems.
Fasting brings out the best of us. Believe it or not.
Joy. Jane Barlow
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