Are you one of those people who get sick every single year while others stay healthy and well? Do you suffer through the entire cold and flu season with a low-grade cough, sinus problems and an overall feeling of
tiredness and lack of energy? If this sounds like you and you’d like to know some simple tricks to make this stop happening read on.
Here are a few reasons that we even get sick in the first place.
1) We have a Vitamin D deficiency. 2) We are chronically dehydrated. 3) We are eating too much sugar and processed foods. 4) We aren’t getting enough quality sleep. 5) We aren’t getting sufficient exercise. 6) We aren’t adequately managing stress.
You can make some simple, daily adjustments that will help your immune system function properly and can actually prevent cold and flu season from having its impact on you. So, let’s just start at the top of this short list.
1) Lack of Vitamin D – It is estimated that 50% of adults are Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is not a regular Vitamin, it’s actually a steroid hormone that you are supposed to acquire through regular exposure to the sun, not through your diet. If you are over 50, have darker skin, are obese, have achy bones, feel depressed or have gut trouble then these are signs that you could be Vitamin D deficient. The best way to know if you are deficient in Vitamin D and how much you need, is to have a doctor test your levels. By optimizing your Vitamin D levels, you can not only help keep yourself healthy and vibrant during cold and flu season but you can also prevent many other chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases and other infections similar to the flu.
2) Dehydration – As a society, we are chronically dehydrated. We are drinking way too many things that are not just plain water. Soda, fruit juice, milk, almond milk, coconut milk, sports drinks etc…and the list goes on. Just because we’re drinking all these different liquids doesn’t mean we’re getting the right type of hydration.
We know that we are made up of two-thirds water, but did you know that in the terms of the number of molecules, your body actually consists of over 99% water molecules?
How is every system in your body expected to function properly without proper hydration? Your circulatory system is responsible for transporting materials throughout the entire body. It transports nutrients, water and oxygen to your billions of bodies cells and carries away waste. Your respiratory system is a series of organs that are responsible for taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. Basically, breathing so that you can stay alive.
Your digestion system starts the process of helping your body get the nutrition it needs to keep you functioning; things like seeing, hearing, running, sleeping – EVERYTHING) Your elimination system (this helps you get rid of what your body can’t use) and trust me, if you are constipated you are 100% likely to be dehydrated. How can your body move the stuff it doesn’t need, out?)
Your nervous system is responsible for the control of the body and communication among its parts. Your skeletal system performs vital functions. Support, movement, protection, blood cell production, calcium storage and endocrine regulation that allows us to survive. Do you see where I’m going with this? YOU NEED WATER. NOT Juice. Not flavored water.
Just plain WATER. How can you expect your body to fight off a cold, the flu or any other microbe that comes at you if aren’t taking this one simple step? Unless you live in a third world country where access to clean water is an issue, then this is something you can start making a serious effort on today. Right now.
3) Lack of good nutrition. If your diet consists of too much processed sugar, refined foods, junk foods, fast food, fried foods and white carbohydrates, then you are probably someone who gets sick on a fairly regular basis.
Bottom line, you are not fueling your body for wellness. You are giving it everything it needs to live in a state of imbalance. You probably have low energy, dull skin, puffy eyes, chronic digestive issues, extra body fat and just an overall sense of fatigue and lethargy. Food companies are able to stay in business because you are addicted to their crappy food. Isn’t it time to take back your health and eat better food? Time to figure out what’s holding you back and make some better food choices so that your body gets the nutrition it needs to stay well.
4) Not enough quality sleep. Ahhhh yes, the sleep thing. How can you possibly stay well when you aren’t getting enough sleep? If you’re going to do the sleep thing right, your room needs to be cool (about 65 degrees), dark (even the light from your alarm clock gives off too much light for your body to produce the sleep hormone, Melatonin) and quiet (if you’re falling asleep with the TV on – stop it!). If you’ve got sleep issues, you know who you are. Some of you might simply be staying up late watching TV, playing on the computer or whatever else you do at night besides sleeping.
Your body repairs at night, when it’s cool, dark and quiet and you owe it to yourself to get a good night’s sleep.
5) Exercise. Movement. There’s no way around it. You gotta do it. No excuses if you want to be and stay healthy.
6) Managing Stress. Now that’s a true killer, if I’m being honest. I’ve seen people who have terrible lifestyle habits, they know how to manage their stress and they are healthy.
Now I’m not telling you that a yoga class, meditating and only focusing on taking stress out of your life will be sufficient to keep you healthy without the other components of staying healthy. They are equally as important.
My point is that stress is incredibly damaging to your health and can cause all kinds of disease. Start to look at this list of reasons and find the area that you know you can start working on right now to be your optimal, healthy best. Start making small changes today. Right now. You get to decide what your life looks like.
In conclusion, here are a couple of my favorite natural remedies and herbs that can help you stay healthy while you are working on the lifestyle factors.
1) High dose Vitamin C every single day. A high dose for an adult is about 5000 mg. Try to find a brand with Rosehips, a great source of Vitamin C.
2) Try a natural anti-microbial like Oil of Oregano, Tea tree oil, Olive leaf extract and Lomatium root. An anti-microbial is something that goes after virus, fungus, yeast and bad bacteria.
3)Start drinking lots of herbal tea. Every day. Especially during cold and flu season. One of my favorites is Peppermint tea. And make sure itb75s organic. That’s super important.
4) This is a powerful list of lifestyle factors that you can implement to stay healthy during cold and flu season and all year round.
I hope you’re already doing some of these things. If not, and you feel overwhelmed, then remember this – Every single small thing you do adds up to big huge things over time. Just start small. Small things compound over time.
You could be strong, healthy and fit by the time cold and flu season rolls around next year. It’s all up to you. Go for it!