As we continue to be keen observers of humanity right now it’s important to remember why we’re here.

I believe we are here to grow, learn, evolve, and raise the level of our own consciousness.  When we do this individually, it sends out ripples of love, light, awareness, and unconditional love to everyone.
A rising tide lifts all boats and you are a powerful lifter!

You might feel hopeless, helpless and desperate to make a difference
but unsure what to do or where to start.

Here’s the thing.  We are all mortal.  Yet we live in denial.  Our ego gets in the way and we choose to live in lower emotional frequencies.
You might not realize it but yes, you are choosing your emotions.

Let’s take a quick look at the scale of emotions.

The lowest emotional frequencies (from lowest to highest) are:

17) Shame/I am bad
16) Guilt/I did bad
15) Apathy/Depression/I can’t
14) Grief/Craving/I won’t
13) Fear/I judge
12) Resentment/Pessimism/I doubt
11) Anger/I don’t care

Living in any of these emotional states is pure SUFFERING.
And completely unnecessary.

The middle section of emotional frequencies are:

10) Pride/Comparison/I don’t hurt
9) Courage/Maybe I can
8) Neutrality/I’m okay
7) Willingness/Hopefulness/I can

Living with these emotions is much better but this is still just
GETTING BY.  And let’s be honest, not a very fun way to spend walking through this beautiful life.

The upper section of emotional frequencies are:

6) Acceptance/Contentment
5) Reason/Optimism/I’m energized
4) Love/Passion/Gratitude/Appreciation/I’m engaged
3) Joy/I’m full
2) Peace/I love

Living with these emotions as your constant guide, puts you in a
state of FLOW and you are expanded in your heart and mind.
Going from the lower frequencies to the higher ones takes you from a
CONTRACTED emotional place to an EXPANSIVE one!

And finally, the highest realm of emotional frequency IS:


Every one of us get to CHOOSE how we PERCEIVE life’s events and how we RESPOND.  Things might be dire, but your response is critical.

When JUST ONE person makes the shift to spread unconditional love in every moment of every day, the transformation of the planet is underway.  The ripples become waves.

Think for a moment about how we’ve been conditioned to think, act, believe and behave in any given circumstance.   We have been programmed for decades by what we watch, listen to, and accept as normal.  We are taught to be victims rather than creators of our own reality.

We each have the power to shift out of old belief systems that no longer serve us.  Any kind of change in human behavior, thought patterns and belief systems takes courage.  We must release our ego and our deeply held thought patterns.

It’s possible and it’s TIME!

Sending you love,


PS – Here is a little video I made for you about FORGIVENESS.