If you don’t have the healthy body that you want then it’s time to implement these 10 things into your daily life.
1) Stop eating junk food and fast food. This is literally robbing you of your life force. B Eat simple foods…but not too much. B Stop overeating. 2) Move every day. 3) Drink more water. 4) Sleep deeply every night. Your room needs to be cool, dark and quiet. Your body cannot produce melatonin when you don’t have a good sleeping environment. 5) Get sunshine on your skin. Vitamin D baby! It can be hard in the winter if you live in a cold, wintry place so take a Vitamin D supplement. 6) Listen to your intuition first and your doctor last. You know your body best and your gut feeling is never wrong. We’ve stopped trusting our body’s ability to guide us. 7) Stop watching/listening to the news. We are not supposed to have so much negativity coming at us. It hurts our health. Take my 30 day news free challenge. 8) Forgive quickly. When you hold a grudge, it hurts you worse than the person you don’t forgive. Forgive quickly.
9) Say “”I love you”” often and daily. If this doesn’t come out easily for you then start with the people closest to you and start saying it. Your health will explode. 10) Find someone to serve. If you feel like your life is tough and your depressed and lonely, then find someone that needs your help. You quickly realize that your life is full of blessings.
Make each one a new habit each week. Keep track. Tell your family and friends. Make it public and then get to it!