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Humans Have Relied on Natural Botanicals for Centuries

Herbs are the root of all modern medicine and have been used for their healing properties for centuries. Barlow’s herbal supplements and remedies are made from natural botanicals and plants that are used to treat common ailments and maintain personal health. Our herbal products are all-natural and use all parts of the plant, deriving essential ingredients from the seeds, oils, roots, berries, leaves, flowers, and stems depending on the need.

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Over 60 Years of Scientific Research into Medicinal Herbs

Barlow Herbal was founded in the 1970s by medicinal botanist and Master Herbalist Dr. Max G. Barlow. Dr. Barlow and his wife, Anne Marie, raised 14 children in a forward-thinking, natural home, growing their food and taking care of all illnesses with herbal teas, tinctures, and poultices. The use of herbal supplements dates back thousands of years, and today, herbal supplements are quite common among those who desire to have a hand in taking care of their health. We remain a family-run company that celebrates the desire for anyone to be proactive in their well-being.

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